Propelling Organizations with Easy-to-Use Apps

Building easy-to-use enterprise applications to
maximize efficiency and propel growth.

Visionaries like you need powerful tools
to tackle society’s greatest challenges.

Yet organizations like yours are often held back, because software is commonly viewed as expensive and hard to use.

This is no longer the case.
Cloud-based technology has given life to friendly and affordable software.

Modern software makes it so easy to maximize efficiency and broaden your reach. Let’s work together to build a solution that will propel your mission.

Spend less time managing software
and more time delivering outcomes. 

Client Testimonials

I had a really great experience with Conlan. Conlan really helped us to find a new learning management system that transformed how we interact with our customers. After he helped us implement the solution, he did what a good IT person should do – worked himself out of the job so we could become self-sufficient with it all. Now today we are successful and self-sufficient because he was so helpful in finding the right solution for us.

Sue, Center for Urban Community Services

When I first met Conlan, our organization had been through a difficult database migration (from one platform to Salesforce) where the previous consultant took a “one size fits all approach” rather than seeing our organization as an individual entity with specific needs.  We were weary and skeptical.  After our first meeting with Conlan, we felt incredibly hopeful. Conlan’s understanding of databases is exceptional.  He took the time to really understand what our organization needed, asked the right questions, walked us through each of the project stages, implemented each stage effectively and efficiently, and finally trained our team to confidently use Salesforce.  All components of the project were well executed and the results exceeded our expectations. Conlan became a true and trusted partner, and I would recommend him to any organization.

Rachel, Project Kesher

“We went from having little to no comfortability with the database to having a clean, functioning, and useful database that has gotten our development team eager to use it to its full potential.”

Jamie, Harmony Institute

“When we hired Conlan Consulting our database was nearly useless from an organizational level. Our new database increases efficiency, reporting and the professional skill sets of our employees. Conlan Consulting always responded quickly and professionally to our needs for custom tools during and after the transition.”

Paul, CYAS

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