The Metro Denver Homeless Initiative (MDHI) was seeking a new alternative for their OneHome Coordinated Entry system. They were struggling with an inefficient, segmented process that involved spreadsheets, faxing, duplicate and messy data, reporting limitations and a lot of administrative coordination between agencies and caseworkers all over the Denver Metro area.

MDHI engaged Conlan Consulting to build out a Salesforce community to house their OneHome coordinated entry system. By building out a custom data model and embedding Formstack’s Native Cloud product within the Salesforce Community, MDHI and Conlan Consulting were able to meet all the necessary technical requirements and still fit within their tight budget.

Just a few short months after engaging with Conlan Consulting, MDHI began rolling out their newly built Salesforce Community. The Salesforce Community has already begun working to help people move through the system faster, advance coordination and communication between agencies, improve the quality of data collection, and reduce the time required to house clients.

Additionally, the Salesforce Community allows agency providers with capabilities to self-report on success metrics for their own internal and funding requirements. Specifically for veteran clients, providers can cross-reference with the VA system to ensure veterans are receiving necessary services.

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